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Monthly Highlight 11/2023

The following speech was shared by Olivia P. during the Indiana Affordable Housing Crises event on November 16, at the Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation.

"I had moved into these apartment complexes after being homeless for 2 years. I honestly thought I could make this a home. I personally told the property manager I needed this to be a home so my babies can grow and be stable. This experience was everything that prevented me from that goal."

In June I was already having problems. My air wasn’t working. I contacted maintenance and explained the issue, he came but my air was still not working. The maintenance tech came to my apartment approximately 3-4 times and the situation wasn’t resolved. I spent most of my summer without air and all of my winter without heat. In July I had received an AES bill that was a little over $600. In a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom flat apartment. By the time November hit my bill had accumulated to over $2000. My property manager had promised to have my rent covered for 2 months, the month of November and December, if I make the payment to AES and they would configure the problem with my bill. So as agreed, I paid the $2000 for November and December and put my payment for January's rent in the mailbox by the end of the year...By April 4th I was being summoned to go to court for an eviction... I was ordered to leave the home by the 5th. I was calling shelters but there was no availability. They were all full. I was in the street with my kids without anywhere to go. I would go to shelters daily and go in to work late. My job really tried to understand but it’s only so far they can go. I had 1 more write up before I lost my job. At that point I became suicidal and terrified. No one was able to help us. I didn’t have a car anymore so I couldn’t go to any food pantries and food stamps wasn’t trying to assist me because I make too much money. I would apply for apartments and because of my eviction or judgment within my case I couldn’t get a home for my children. By my next court case my attorney Emily recommended Family Promise to me. At that point I was willing to do anything to ensure something for my children. Within that week I met Angie and started my journey with Family Promise. I was able to keep my job and get in good standing with them, my kids were able to eat and sleep in a bed and in a warm home before it started to get cold. Angie was very helpful and patient with me and understanding of everything I was feeling and possibly thinking. Now I have a home for my children we are able to live comfortably and be happy. I’m super excited about our journey.

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