You raised $241,825!

That's shelter and a path to housing for 100-130 families with kids!

Dear friends,

We are overwhelmed with gratitude!  What began as a hopeful #NightWithoutABed campaign to try to raise $75,000 and not cut shelter capacity, has now ended with an unbelievable total of $241,825 raised!

  • 402 people donated from more than 35 congregations and companies!

  • Another anonymous gift came the night of the livestream for $15,000!

  • You raised $68,000 of the impossible $75,000 match the last week alone!

We cannot thank you enough.  When families call, we will be able to say "Yes, we can help" that much more.  We will be able to shelter between 100-130 families with children in the coming year from this campaign alone!

God is good, and you are the hands and feet that lets Providence provide.

With humbled hearts full of appreciation,
Everyone at Family Promise of Greater Indianapolis


You can still watch Saturday's livestream, made possible by Livestream Guys


On Saturday, May 1 there was a one-hour presentation on Facebook Live made possible by the following generous contributors:

  • Co-coordinator Tamiko Neely of Lawrence United Methodist;

  • Monica Garcia, a former guest sharing her story in the Apartment Shelter Program;

  • Sesame Street's Family Homelessness resources (cut by Facebook in the replay);

  • Dave Anderson and his company Livestream Guys! 

Our sincere appreciation to...

  • Tanisa Neely of Resilient Yoga for a wonderful outdoor activity;

  • Dunkin' Donuts for a donution (typo intentional) of 24 dozen donuts and coffee;

  • American Dairy Association Indiana for milk and bling;

  • DJ Bill Barnett;

  • Board member Nancy Frick for coordinating a team of an amazing dozen volunteers who led the giveaway;

  • Aquilah for letting us share her story, and for sharing a blessing with every participant in the sleepout!

Many thanks to our generous campaign sponsors