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Board of Directors (2022)

If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors, why not start by serving on a board-level committee, like Resource Development, Awareness & Policy, Congregational Relationships, Program & Services, or helping with one of our two annual special events--Home Sweet Home (October) and the #Nightwithoutabed (May)?  Email to get connected.

Kenda Resler Friend


KRF Public Relations

Ben Greenfield

President  Elect

Helmer Scientific

Mike Flinn


Retired (formerly CPA consultant)

Mary Ann Schubert


Community Volunteer

Scott Mercaeant-Koohns

Immediate Past President

Regions Bank

John Chambers

Indianapolis Public Schools

Nancy Frick

Second Presbyterian Church

Angel Henry


Joel Manship

Major Tool & Machine

Lynn McDowell, J.D.

Retired (formerly Indiana University School of Law)

Jenny Melind

Keller Williams

Amy Oviedo

Recruiting Experiences

Lacie Rader

Sheil Sexton

Alex Slabosky

Retired  (formerly IU Health)

Kellie Thomas

IU Health

Tamra Thomas

IU Health

Wilbur Sutton

Retired  (formerly Patterson Dental)

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