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Volunteer Opportunities

Housing displacement can seem like an overwhelming problem. Many people wonder what one person, business, or volunteer group can do to truly make a difference.

Read below to find out how your business, organization, or community group can support!

How Volunteers can Support


Weekly Meal Deliveries

Sign up for one, two, or any months of the year to do a weekly meal delivery.  During your month, you take a meal to a family staying in an apartment shelter every Thursday at 6:00 p.m. (flexible).  It is generally a porch drop-off.  We provide a script so you can ask questions to engage more if/as desired!  Examples:   Any birthdays coming up?  Any holidays we can help with (Halloween, Mother's Day, etc.).  Your meals do more than provide food; it lets a family in the shelter (and their kids!) know that they are not alone, not forgotten, and that they matter..

Housewares & Linens Drives

Our Apartment Shelter Program is in constant need of housewares, linens, cleaning products, paper products, and more! Volunteers can sign up to do a drive for any or all of the items on our restocking list.  We will make sure they get put to great use in one of our apartments, and if your volunteers are available, we will even often ask if you can help set them up!

Apartment Shelter Program Kitchen.jpg

Deepen Relationships with the Families we Serve:


  • Help with childcare and/or transportation when a family has a job interview or work conflict. We also accept vehicle donations!

  • Foster a family's pet while the family is in shelter.

  • Volunteer at the Family Promise Day Site to answer phones, write cards to families, and support other program projects.

  • Attend and/or organize annual events for families -- one in December to celebrate the holidays and one in July as children in the program return to school.

Ready to Get Involved?

Complete our quick form below and we will be in touch about volunteer opportunities! 

Click HERE to learn more about Family Promise

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