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Mission & Vision

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Our Mission

We are a partnership of congregations and community organizations responding to the crisis of children and their families who are homeless. We work to eliminate homelessness in Greater Indianapolis.

Our Vision

A community where homelessness is rare, short lived, and recoverable.


The day that all Hoosier families who are homeless are sheltered on the day they become homeless, because homelessness is not an option for any family or individual.

Our Values

We believe deeply in all of the following, and these guide how we pursue our mission and vision:

Interfaith Cooperation:

While our beliefs vary, our motivation for what we do is rooted in spiritual faith and a profound call to service. This allows us bridge our differences for the sake of helping others without proselytization.

Keeping Families Together:

We believe families should stay together—not be separated—during the most difficult times in their lives…no matter the makeup of a family.

Changing Lives:

While we will provide assistance to meet emergency needs, it is more important that we provide access to skill development, resources, and networks to create lasting stability.


We try to generously give of ourselves in addition to our resources. We believe a warm welcome and compassionate service are keys to replacing despair with dignity.

Good Stewardship:

We serve almost twice as many families per dollar invested as traditional shelters because we have 1,000+ volunteers utilizing a network of in-kind facilities. Because children and their families are in crisis, every dollar needs to count.

Raising Awareness:

We believe a big reason for homelessness is poverty, and part of the cause is systemic. Said more simply, opportunities are not equal. It is not enough to help a family without asking ourselves and neighbors why there is a need in the first place.

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