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WE DID IT!  You helped us raise over $200,000 to keep the Apartment Shelter Program going!

Have you ever had to spend a night without a bed?

If you’re lucky, the answer is no.  But Family Promise has sheltered families previously sleeping in cars, park pavilions, even abandoned houses.  There are far too many children and parents who sleep without a bed.


You can help Family Promise expand its homeless shelter to help those families. 

 After 30 days of emails, calls, posts, and last night's sleepout, we are thrilled to say the Night Without A Bed added a $45,000 gift  and raised over $200,000!  That's enough for 18 total apartment shelters, which was the goal, and we are confident with grant renewals and proposals we will be able to maintain 24 total units to maintain last year's expansion.  Thank you for making that possible, especially the anonymous foundation that inspired so much support with that generous match challenge when we needed it most!


#NightWithoutABed is the primary fundraising campaign to support Family Promise's Apartment Shelter Program--a model birthed in Indianapolis in the pandemic.  This will allow Family Promise to sustain 24 apartment shelters in operation in the coming year, making it the largest family shelter in Indianapolis.  The cost for one 12-month lease on an apartment, plus security deposit, utilities, Internet, insurance, and some repairs is about $15,000.  The shelter programs had a housing rate in 2022 of 77%!.  Learn more about this innovative solution, and how it's changing homelessness intervention at

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