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Interfaith Hospitality Network officially discontinued

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Dear friends,

We have a lot to celebrate. The Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN) has helped 1,500+ families break the cycle of homelessness over more than 26 years in the Indianapolis area. Following coordinator input late last year, the Family Promise board voted to discontinue IHN to focus on diversion housing and the Apartment Shelter Program (ASP) because of ongoing concerns with volunteers and COVID-19 as well as the longer-term benefits of the ASP.

We can now serve more families than ever, but it is a turning point for Family Promise and IHN. The IHN program has meant so much to the families we serve and to all of you who gave your time, a listening ear, coordination for host rotations, family-dinner recipes and so much more by opening your hearts and congregations to neighbors in the program. Please know that the families you served will never forget your kindness and compassion. It will live on in the bright futures you helped them build. And that is a celebration, so we’re planning a milestone event to honor the history of IHN in the coming months – stay tuned for additional details!

Your contributions are vital to ensure the families in the Apartment Shelter Program are surrounded by community support. Thank you for all you do to help our neighbors in need!

With deep gratitude,

John Chambers

Chair, Congregational & Stakeholder Relationships Committee

Family Promise Board of Directors

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